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::: FACT ::: The best way to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis  ::: FACT ::: Trees grow up to 3 times faster, and absorb far more CO2 in the Tropics than in the UK  ::: FACT ::: For every 5 trees planted in de-forested areas, 15 are likely to grow back from dormant seeds lying in the ground :::
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Easy ways to reduce impact on the environment in the workplace

Easy ways to reduce your businesses impact on the environment do exist. They also typically help reduce costs by reducing general waste and improving efficiencies.


  • Turn your computer, monitor and printer off when you're not using them
  • Make sure all the lights and heaters have been turned off at the end of the day
  • Send emails rather than sending by post whenever possible
  • Don't print unnecessarily or print on both sides
  • Drive vehicles with low emissions and maximise journeys
  • recycle waste
  • compressing waste before it is collected can reduce the number of collections required several times over. Onsite waste crushers often show a considerable ROI


  • energy saving light bulbs
  • environmentally friendly soap and detergent
  • environmentally friendly air freshener
  • hand drying paper not electric hand dryers
  • paper from sustainable forests
  • Switch to a green energy supplier
  • Timers or sensors to ensure things are turned off when not needed

When Driving

  • Tyres at the correct pressure reduce resistance, use less fuel, and increase life of tyres
  • Remove unnecessary clutter and weight from vehicle to reduce your engine workload
  • Driving within the speed limit will reduce Co2 emissions
  • Keep an eye on the traffic in front and drive more smoothly with less accelerating
  • Open the window instead of using the air conditioning system
  • Change gears earlier and reduce the revs of your car. The recommended gear change for a diesel car is 2000rpm and for a petrol car at 2500rpm
  • Reduce the amount you use your car. Use public transport such as the bus or train or when possible walk or cycle instead
  • Run a fuel efficient car ideally- LPG, hybrid or electric
  • Organise a carpool to travel to work or for the school run.
  • Try to minimize journeys by more efficient routes and policies such as a minimum of two meetings near each other.
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