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::: FACT ::: The best way to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis  ::: FACT ::: Trees grow up to 3 times faster, and absorb far more CO2 in the Tropics than in the UK  ::: FACT ::: For every 5 trees planted in de-forested areas, 15 are likely to grow back from dormant seeds lying in the ground :::
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Carbon Footprint Offset Calculator For Individuals

Calculate the Carbon footprint you are responsible for by using our online Carbon calculator, and offset this today to start reducing your impact on the environment. You can offset against the Carbon footprint of your home, your car, flights or your entire Carbon footprint which could be considerably higher than this calculation shows. Please choose a number of trees to plant and sponsor trees now to offset your carbon footprint.

The average emissions in the UK including direct and indirect carbon emissions are approximately 28.5 tons per person. This equates to the amount absorbed by about 30 trees over their lifetime and some peoples carbon footprint could be considerably higher.

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Global warming is a reality and it is up to the individual to take action now!

If we are unable to turn around the effects of global warming, by our childrens generation the effects maybe irreversible.

The average individual is directly responsible for 9.75 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Indirectly ie including industry, the average individual is responsible for 27.5 tons of Co2 emissions each year (equating to about 30 trees) . This higher figure includes those produced during the manufacturing and distribution of products we buy, eat, wear etc and could be put down to the businesses who produce them.

Every individuals action is important, and the involvement of businesses equally so. A business by sponsoring trees to be planted, indirectly increases the awareness of the employees, customers, competition and suppliers etc. Individuals are also important and should chose to buy first from those companies who are environmentally friendly, increasing the pressure on them to be so.

For now, it is not global warming now that is the problem as much as extreme weather conditions. Seasons are shortening, flooding is increasing and moving along with areas of extreme drought.

It is possible to reverse the global climate crisis but it takes many of us to act, and encourage others to do the same.

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