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::: FACT ::: The best way to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis  ::: FACT ::: Trees grow up to 3 times faster, and absorb far more CO2 in the Tropics than in the UK  ::: FACT ::: For every 5 trees planted in de-forested areas, 15 are likely to grow back from dormant seeds lying in the ground :::
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Act on Co2 for businesses

This page describes how you can prepare an environmental policy.
This should help you through the first step of reducing the impact your business has on the environment. Technology is available for further measures, but the first step should always be preparing an environmental policy as this can help you spot weaknesses and opportunities. Thereafter you can always plant trees!

Basic rules to prepare an Environmental Policy

There are a few basic rules to follow to ensure the policy is written clearly and concisely:
  • keep the statement short
  • make sure it's easy to read and understand
  • the statement must be realistic, achievable and relevant
  • The statement should include what you do, not just what you intend to do
As a general rule, the policy should contain statements on the following criteria:
  • commitment to continuous improvement
  • recognition of compliance with relevant legislation as a minimum
  • education / training of employees and effects of their activities
  • monitoring of progress and review of performance
Issues relevant to your organisation in the policy could include:
  • transport
  • recycling of packaging materials etc
  • minimising waste and maximising re-use
  • efficient use of water and energy
  • use of biodegradable chemicals/materials
  • minimising use of solvents and lead-based paints
  • use of timber from sustainable (managed) forests
  • procedures to minimise noise and disturbance to neighbours
  • phasing out of damaging substances and materials
  • reducing the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies
  • raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees
  • expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • advise customers how to use products / services effectively / efficiently

For more options, opportunities and ways to improve your environmental policy further, you can visit www.carbontrust.co.uk or a government funded organisation such as www.envirowise.co.uk who may also be able to help. There are also other companies who could help reduce your carbon footprint at www.environmentalpartnerships.co.uk. Reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment can be visible to clients and potential clients by presenting it as a strong environmental policy online. Generally the bigger the company, the more emphasis they put on their suppliers being environmentally friendly.

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