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::: FACT ::: The best way to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis  ::: FACT ::: Trees grow up to 3 times faster, and absorb far more CO2 in the Tropics than in the UK  ::: FACT ::: For every 5 trees planted in de-forested areas, 15 are likely to grow back from dormant seeds lying in the ground :::
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You can read more about our trees in our 'trees and projects' section. The trees are grown in nurseries and will be planted in the ground during the next rain season.

Free bookmark sent when you buy any two certificates (including the extra tree planted!)

Indigenous Trees

5 Trees for £20 Now £15
10 Trees for £40 Now £30
20 Trees for £75 / US$112
30 Trees for £105 / US$158
50 Trees for £150 / US$225

Fruit Trees

4 Trees for £20/$30
10 Trees for £45/$67.50
20 Trees for £85/$127.5
30 Trees for £120/$180
50 Trees for £175 /$262.50

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Acacia Fern
Acacia Mangium
Acacia Senegal
Acacia Amarilla
Silk Tree
Desert Date
Calliandra Calothyrsus
Indian Laburnum
Delonix Regia
Honey Locust
Leucaena Leucocephala
Avocado Tree
Guava Tree
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*These are estimated Carbon emissions by different average activities and guidelines to what the trees can absorb. The guarantee is only that the trees will be planted. For more accurate carbon calculation visit our carbon footprint calculator for individuals or businesses.

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