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::: FACT ::: The best way to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis  ::: FACT ::: Trees grow up to 3 times faster, and absorb far more CO2 in the Tropics than in the UK  ::: FACT ::: For every 5 trees planted in de-forested areas, 15 are likely to grow back from dormant seeds lying in the ground :::
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Sponsor and plant 5 trees for £20 online now
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Sponsoring Trees as an Individual

Indigenous Trees

5 Trees for £20 (£4 each)
10 Trees for £40 (£4 each)
20 Trees for £75 (£3.75 each)
30 Trees for £105 (£3.50 each)
50 Trees for £150 (£3 each)

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Indigenous Trees

We encourage individuals to sponsor 10 trees or more each. 10 trees cost just £40 and can offset an average persons direct carbon emissions for one year.

Fruit Trees

4 Trees for £20 (£5 each)
10 Trees for £45 (£4.50 each)
20 Trees for £85 (£4.25 each)
30 Trees for £120 (£4 each)
50 Trees for £175 (£3.50 each)

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Fruit Trees

Many people think about the environment, please be different and actually Act On Co2 and global climate change. There are 6 key things you can do to make a difference on our Act On Co2 page. We can not expect others to change until we have changed ourselves.

We hope you will be able to smile and say to yourself (and others), 'I have'.

The difference one can make

Every individuals' action is important, and the repercussions can escalate exponentially, when it is discussed - just like the rapid growth of the worldwide phenomenon - Facebook. Try to buy from environmentally friendly businesses first, encouraging others to become so. Employees can encourage their employer to prepare a strong environmental policy and 'go-green' and there could be business benefits.

Reducing the damage is no longer enough, we also need to do some good!

Our Projects follow the 'teaching a man to fish' philosophy. You, through trees can enable developing communities to help our global environment. They can not do it without you, and need trees to be grown in our nurseries.

What should I do?

You should feel better, when you do your bit - You can Plant trees now easily online You should pay only what you can afford, to plant trees. Each tree can absorb 1,000kg of Co2 from the atmosphere. Have a look at some more benefits of trees. To plant trees as gifts, please visit www.milliontreecampaign.com

Reduce, re-use and recycle as a minimum. You can read about ways to reduce your impact and this will also save you money. Discussing with friends, family and colleagues will amplify the difference you make. Everyone should put in effort for this, as it affects us all.

Emissions of an individual

You can calculate your emissions with our simple online carbon footprint calculator. The average individual in the UK is directly responsible for approx 10 tons, and indirectly another 20 tons approximately, of Carbon Dioxide Emissions each year. This higher figure includes those produced during the manufacture and distribution of products we buy, eat, wear etc. Many of us contribute several times the quoted average, and you can calculate your own carbon footprint on our carbon calculator page. The average driving miles produces about 4 tons of carbon emissions per year, which would require you to plant 5 trees for £20 .

Try our carbon footprint calculator

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